College of Charleston

                                  PEHD 105 Basketball/Volleyball

                                       Spring 2003,  2 semester hours


Time and Place:  8:00 and 9:00 a.m., Johnson Center gym-Room 110


Instructor:  Ms. Wilson


Office Located:  Silcox Center, Room 208




Office hours: Monday and Wednesday from 10:00-11:30  and Tuesday from 9:30-10:30.


Office phone:  953-7664


Prerequisites: None


Grading: A, B+, B, C+, C, D, F


Course Description:  This course will include instruction on the basic skills and rules in basketball and volleyball.


Texts:  Wilkes, G. Basketball ( 6th Edition) Madison:Brown&Benchmark.

            Dunphy, M., Wilde, R. Volleyball Today, St. Paul: West.

            These texts are optional.

Course Objectives: Competencies within the course should prepare


1.     to develop and improve on basic skills in basketball

and volleyball through participation.

2.     to provide a basic knowledge and understanding of the rules and strategies of basketball and volleyball.

3.      to develop an interest in activities which provide

opportunity for physical fitness through life long participation.





Requirements: Sport Report 10%

                      Participation    10%

                      Skills Test       40%

                      Written Test    40%


Description of Sport Report:

                       Watch two NCAA basketball games in their entirety ( men's     

                        or women's)


                        Report on:

                                       Defenses played in each half.

                                       Offensive style ( fast break, slow down)

                                       Coaches name, leading scorer for both teams

                                       in that game, player of the game, final score

                                       half time score.


                               Your personal summary of the game.


                         This report must be typed. Provide one page of   

                          information on each game. You will be graded on

                          participation and turning the report in on time. You will

                          not be graded on the level of your knowledge of the




Criteria for Evaluation:     Game Review                      5 points

                                          Written Basketball Exam   20 points

                                          Written Volleyball Exam   20 points

                                          Skills test-basketball          20 points

                                          Skills test-volleyball          20 points

                                          Instructor Evaluation        15 points


                                          Total                                100 points


Grading Scale:

                        A   93-100 points       C+  78-82 points

                        B+  88-92 points        C    73-77 points

                        B    83-87 points        D    65-72 points      F  0-64 points



Bonus Points:   You may earn two bonus points if you participate in Jump     

                       Rope   for Heart and collect at least $10  in              

                       contributions for the American Heart Association. You

                       may also attend up to three C of C volleyball/basketball

                       games and write a short summary including date,

                       opponent, score and opinion for one point per game. Must

                       be handed in within a week after game.( total of eight

                       potential bonus points)


Make up Test:  Make up test will not be given for unexcused absences on

                       The date of a test. Make up test may be given with an

                       excused absence , but it is the responsibility of the student

                       to inform the instructor immediately upon missing a test

                       to arrange for make up test. Unexcused make-ups may be

                       given with a ten point reduction for each day.



Attendance:      Attendance is required. You may miss three classes without

                       being penalized. For each additional unexcused absence 

                       your grade will be reduced by two points. Excused

                       absences must be pre-approved by Ms. Wilson or

                       approved by the Undergraduate Dean's office. No other

                       excuses will be accepted. Those students not using the

                       acceptable amount of cuts will have two bonus points

                       per unused cut to add to their total grade. Entering class

                       after roll call is considered tardy .Three tardies will equal

                       one absence on point deductions.


Honor System:  The College of Charleston Honor System is recognized in

                        this course. For the specific details or responsibility and

                        penalty, see page 10 of the College of Charleston Student







8W      Introduction to course


10F      Volleyball: Pass and Set Drills


13M     How to put up/take down the net. Serve.


15W    Spike, drills


17 F     Review skills, drill, court formation, Play


20 M    MLK day


22W    Block, Dink, Play


24F     Drills, Play


27M     Dink, Offspeed hits


29 W  Dig Power Hits



31F      Drills, play


3M       Review Skills


5W      Review Volleyball Test


7F        Drills, games


10 M    Review skills


12 W    Review Volleyball test


14 F     Play


17M     Volleyball test


19W    Skills Test Review




24M     Skills Test


26W   Skills Test



28F   No Class



10M      Intro to Basketball: Lay-ups, Set shot,  Passing, Jumpshot


12W         Individual Defense, Games


14F        Ballhandling, Play


17M     Shooting off the dribble


19W      Rebounding, Tip drill


21F       Play


24M     Free Throws, Hot Shot



26W    Team Offense, Team Defense, Play


28F      Play


31M        Skills Review




2W         Written Basketball test review


4F          Play


7M        Written test


9W        Review skills test                                         


11F        Play


14M       Skills test                                        


16W        Skills Test              


18F         No class


21M       Play


23W       Last day of class