Heal 216  Personal and Community Health- Spring 2003

                                         Semester hours-3


Time and Place: Silcox Physical Education Center, MWF 12:00 and TTr. 8:00am


Instructor: Ms. Wilson


Office Location:  Silcox Center, room 208, Office phone-953-7664

E-Mail:                          Address:



Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday from 10:00-11:30 , Tuesday from 9:30-10:30




Prerequisites: None


Grading Scale: A, B+, B, C+, C, D, F


Course Description:

An overview of the factors that affect one’s ability to achieve and obtain optimal health. Emphasis will be on decision making and personal responsibility. ( 3 credit hours )


Required Text:

Donatelle, R.(2001). Access to Health, Seventh Edition,  Boston: Allyn &Bacon.


Required Materials:

Packet from Sas-E-Ink (Wentworth Street west of King Street).Approximate cost is $5.00. 

Packet Contents:

Log and Analysis Criteria

Course syllabus and tentative outline

Variety of Assignment and Fact Sheets as well as Extra Credit Opportunities

Family Tree Report and Oral Presentation Requirements





Course Objectives:

1.Define health and wellness, and explain the interconnected roles of the

   physical, social, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental

   dimensions of health.

2. Define stress and examine how stress and anxiety may have direct and

    indirect effects on physical performance and personal wellness.


3. Discuss positive communication skills as they relate to social and

    psychological dynamics as well as the impact these skills have on

    your health and interpersonal relationships.

4. Discuss the factors of nutrition and exercise as they relate to the

    assessment and the development of weight control and personal fitness.

5. Define addictions and describe signs of addiction versus habit.

6. Discuss the negative impact from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and

    caffeine on health and wellness.

7. Discuss the risk factors of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

8. Discuss the characteristics and risk factors of the most common

    sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.


Course Requirements:          14%   Assignments, Pop Tests, Assigned


                                           29%   Outside Assignments ( Logs &Analysis,

                                                        Family Tree Presentation)

                                             57%   Examinations


Description of Projects:


1.     Assignments, Pop tests, and assigned quizzes( 100 points=14%) .You are

responsible for all reading assignments and are expected to be prepared

to take pop tests on the reading for that day.  Some quizzes will be

assigned beforehand. The bulk of this 100 points will come from 5-20

point homework assignments.





2.     Outside Assignments-(200 points=29%)

a.      Logs and Analysis-(150 points) Students will compile logs for stress, 

food consumption and physical activity. Each log is designed  to provide the students with their own personal information in each of these areas. Students will then analyze the information in regard to healthy guidelines provided by the text and set a goal to improve their health in each of these three areas. They will choose one area to report on as an assignment.


b.     Family Tree Project and Oral Presentation(50 points)- Students will complete a Family Tree documenting family members health history. The project is three parts including a poster, written report and oral presentation to the class.  Additional report information is located in the required Sas-E-Ink packet.



The lowest grade will be dropped.


Exam #1(100 points=12.5%) Chapters 1,2,3, 5

Exam #2(100 points=12.5)     Chapters  1,8,9,10,15,16

Exam #3(100 points=12.5)     Chapters  6,7,17,5

Exam #4(100 points=12.5)     Chapters  4,  11, 12, 13, 14

Exam #5(100 points=12.5)     Chapters   19, 20



Evaluation Criteria and Scale:


Exam 1                 100 points             90-100%    A        630-700 points

Exam 2                 100 points             85-89%      B+      595-629 points

Exam 3                 100 points             80-84%      B        560-594 points

Exam 4                 100 points             75-79%      C+      525-559 points

(Best 4 exams)                                   70-74%      C        490-524 points

Logs 40 pts. each                                65-69%     D        455-489 points


Analysis 10 pts. each  150 points       0-64%       F          0-454 points

Report/Presentation   50 points  

Assignments, quizzes 100 points


Total Points              700 points





Bonus Points:


Bonus point opportunities will be announced during the semester. ( Also see attendance). Class participation can add two points to the 700 points total.




Make-up Test:

Make-up test may be given with an excused absence but it is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor immediately upon missing a test to arrange for make-up tests.






Attendance is required. You may miss two  classes(TTr) and three(MWF)  without being penalized. For each additional unexcused absence your final grade will be reduced by fourteen points. Excused absences must be pre-approved by Ms. Wilson or by the undergraduate Dean's office. No other excuses will be acceptable.

Those students not using the accepted amount of absences will have fourteen points per absence not used added to their final grade. Entering class after roll is considered tardy. Three tardies will equal one absence on point deductions and over ten minutes late equals two tardies.




Honor System:


The College of Charleston Honor System is recognized in this course. For the specific details of responsibility and penalty see the current College

of Charleston Student Handbook. You could receive a failing grade in the course as well.









Unit 1- Finding the Right Balance for Psychosocial Health

Required readings: Course Text: Chapter 1- Health and Wellness; Chapter 2-Psychological Health: Being Mentally, Emotionally, Socially, and Spiritually Well; Chapter 3-Managing Stress: Coping With Life's Challenges; Chapter 5-Communicating Effectively: A Key to Interpersonal



Unit II - Building Healthy Lifestyles through Nutrition, Fitness and Prevention.

Required Reading: Course Text: Chapter 1-Promoting Healthy Behavior Change; Chapter 8-Nutrition: Eating For Optimum Health; Chapter9-Managing Your Weight: Finding A Healthy Balance; Chapter 10-Personal Fitness: Improving Your Health Through Exercise; Chapter15-Cardiovascular Disease: Helping The Beat Go On; Chapter 16-Cancer: Reducing Your Risk.



Unit III: Relationships and Sexuality

Required Reading: Course Text: Chapter 5 cont.-Healthy Relationships: Family, Significant Others, Friends; Chapter 6-Sexuality:Defining Your Sexual Behavior; Chapter 17-Infectious and Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Chapter 7-Reproductive Choices: Managing Your Fertility.


Unit IV  Responsible Use Versus Addictions

Required Readings: Course Text: Chapter 11-Addictions and Addictive Behavior: Threats to Wellness; Chapter 12- Drinking Responsibly: A Lifestyle Challenge; Chapter 13-Tobacco and Caffeine: Legal Addictions;

Chapter 14-Illicit Drugs: Use, Misuse, and Abuse; Chapter 4-Intentional and Unintentional Injuries: Staying Safe In A Violent World.


Unit V The Final Transition

Required Reading: Course Text: Chapter 19- Healthy Aging;

Chapter 20- Death and Dying










9Tr  Introduction


14T   Unit 1- Chap.1       Health vs.Wellness.

                                         Stress Logs Assigned.


16Tr     Unit 1- Chap.2    Psychosocial Health


21T     Unit  1-Chap.3     Managing Stress. Stress Logs Due



23Tr    Unit 1-Chap.5      Communicating Effectively



28T        Test # 1, covers Unit 1   Nutrition Logs Assigned.


30Tr        Unit 2- Chap.15           Cardiovascular Disease


4T            Unit 2-Chap.16               Cancer ,  Nutrition Log Due. Activity Log                           


6Tr           Unit 2- Chap.9              Weight Control


11T          Unit 2- Chap. 8              Nutrition


13Tr         Unit 2-Chap.10              Fitness/Walk/Fitness Log Due.  Behavior Change Assn.                           


18T           Test #2  


20Tr         Unit 3-Chap.5               Healthy Relationships


25T         Unit 3-Chap. 6               Sexuality        Behavior Change Due


 27Tr       Unit 3-Chap.17              STD's      


11T         Unit 3-Chap.7                Reproductive Choices



13Tr        Test #3



18T         Unit 4-Chap.11              Addictions



20Tr       Unit 4, Chapter 13           Tobacco 




25T        Unit 4- Chap.12       Drinking Responsibly     



27Tr      Unit 4- Chap.  14     Illicit Drugs. 


1T          Unit 4-Chap.4         Oprah Date Rape Video, Violence


3Tr         Test #4, covers Unit 4


8T           Family Tree


10Tr        Family Tree


15T         Family Tree


17Tr       Chap.19-20  Healthy Aging/Death and Dying


22T         Unit 5 Quiz          Last day of class.     








8W    Introduction


10F    Unit 1-Chap.1     Health and Wellness.  Stress log assigned


13M   Unit 1-Chap. 2     Psychosocial Health


15W                              Psychosocial Health cont.


17F     Unit 1-Chap. 3    Managing Stress


20M    MLK  Day


22W    Unit 1-Chap.5      Communicating Effectively.   Stress Log due


24F      Unit 1                  Wrap Up


27M                                 Test # 1     Nutrition Log assigned


29W   Unit 2- Chap.15       Cardiovascular Disease


31F    Unit 2- Chap. 16       Cancer




3M     Unit 2- Chap. 9         Weight Control        Nutrition Log due


5W     Unit 2-Chap.  9         Eating Disorders       Fitness Log assigned


7F      No Class


10M   Unit 2-Chap.8            Nutrition


12W   Unit 2-Chap. 10         Fitness.      Fitness Log Due


14F     Unit 2-Chap10           Fitness/Walk/Behavior Change Assignment


17M                                     Test #2


19W   Unit 3-Chap.5            Healthy Relationships


21F     Unit 3-Chap 5           cont.


24M    Unit 3- Chap.6           Sexuality       Behavior Change Due


26W    Unit 3- Chap.17         STD's


28F      Spring Break Begins




10M      Unit 3- Chap.7         Reproductive Choices


12W                                     Test # 3


14F     Unit 4- Chap.11          Addictions


17M    Unit 4- Chap. 11          cont.


19W                                     Health Fair


21F      Unit 4- Chap. 12        Drinking Responsibly


24M      Unit 4- Chap. 13        Tobacco


26W   Unit 4- Chap                 Illicit Drugs


28F     Unit 4- Chap.4              Oprah video


31M    Unit 4- Chap.4              Violence and Abuse




2 W                                         Test # 4


4F                                             Family Tree


7M                                            Family Tree


9W                                           Family Tree


11F    Unit 5- Chap.19               Healthy Aging


14M  Unit 5-  Chap. 20              Death and Dying


16W                                         Funeral Home


18F                                          No Class


21M                                          Review


23W                                         Last Day of Class


Test # 5                                    TBA